What will be covered

Audit Express is hosting this series of free webinars at 4:00 pm (AEST) on the last Monday of each month to support organisations with their operational compliance and to prepare for the re-registration of their Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with their VET regulator, whether that be the ASQA, VRQA or TAC.

Topics most commonly discussed include:

  • Compliance questions 
  • How to prepare for an audit 
  • How to rectify non-compliances 
  • Setting up internal audit frameworks

This is a great way to engage with a senior lead auditor and quality consultant, and to get all of your compliance questions answered.

All participants that attend this webinar will be able to download a Certification of Professional Development as confirmation of professional development.


This webinar is provided as general information and are not endorsed in any way by the ASQA, VRQA or TAC VET Regulators. RTOs are advised to undertake their own due diligence and to ensure that they comply with the registration standards at all times.

*Almost any question can be asked. Audit Express reserves the right to take questions on notice where they cannot be answered on the spot during the live webinar.

Pricing options

We offer a range of options for you to register for individual webinars as a one-off, or as part of a whole series of webinars, or you can register for a membership which will provide you with access to all of our webinars and on-demand courses.



Kevin Ekendahl

Kevin has extensive experience working in senior management positions across the training and education sector. Having built and managed a registered training organisation, Kevin understands the importance of ensuring there is the right balance between growth and compliance. Prior to this Kevin worked in the advertising sales industry where he gained valuable skills in business development and marketing.